Life is a Highway

Life is a Highway
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Saturday, 9 June 2012

Sicilians Scene from "True Romance": Christopher Walken The Ultimate Character

I could write a blog saying that actor Dennis Hopper is the Ultimate Character and I wouldn't be lying. The movies Speed, Easy Rider, Top of The World and guess what True Romance one of my favorite movies of all time, are excellent examples of that but this blog is about Chris Walken, so I'm going to go with him, the King of Saturday Night Live hosting. Alec Baldwin and Tom Hanks are excellent hosts of that show as well but Chris Walken to me is a full time comedian, I realize his title is that of an actor but I put him in the same category of a Robert Diniro or Al Pacino, I believe Deniro and Pacino are better actors. But Chris Walken and is funnier then Diniro and Pacino, all three of these actors and I'm going to make this about Chris Walken, don't really need a script or words to do their routine. Walken is a master improver or improviser, someone who can pull out characters off the top of his head. Who can go from charming articulate guy, to evil bastard, who kills people for saying the wrong thing, like you see in this scene, in the same scene.

What you see in this scene is Master Gamesmanship between Chris Walken and Dennis Hopper, well I guess their characters actually. Walken is trying to convince Hopper that he needs to tell him what he knows about Hopper's son played by Christian Slater, as far as what they talked about when they came by. And where they are headed to, because Slater and his wife stole their mob money and obviously want it back and he's basically trying to convince Hopper. Look you tell me what I need to know and I won't hurt or kill you, you don't tell me what I need to know. You'll die very slowly, Hopper being the veteran Detroit cop that he is, knows better then to trust an Italian Mobster, who's Sicilian by the way and has just said that Sicilians are the World Heavyweight Champions of liars. And has calculated that he's dead no matter what and he should protect his son. Makes sense right.

Chris Walken is a great comedian because you can think he suppose to play one role and then can bring out a different character and bring that into his routine. Into the scene and pull it all together into one performance and make it work, as he's said he's not a mimic, the only person he plays is Chris Walken. And these different characters and personalities that he pulls out when he does his routine, are all his own creations and he's a brilliant Physical Comedian. Similar to Al Pacino or Bob Diniro or a Jack Lemmon but even better.