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Life is a Highway
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Sunday, 24 June 2012

The History of the Lakers vs Celtics Rivalry: The Greatest Rivalry in the NBA

To say the Los Angeles Lakers Boston Celtics Rivalry is great is a huge understatement, as former Oakland Raiders Head Coach John Madden said. For a Rivalry to be great two teams have to be good at the same time, the games that the two teams play against each other have to mean something. Championships and playoff positioning has to be at stake, the two worst teams in a league or two of the worst teams in the league. May hate each others guts but so what and may play very close games against each other but so what, bad teams tend to play close games against each other. And one reason for that, is a lot of times when they play each other, neither team is good enough to actually win the game. Its the team that makes the most mistakes that loses the game, which is different from actually winning the game and I know that looks different in Record Books but thats how it is. What separates the Lakers-Celtics from everyone else in the NBA, as well as most rivalries in the Pro Sports. Including the long 45 year rivalry between the Celtics and Philadelphia 76ers. Is their history that goes back to the early 1960s.

The Lakers played the Celtics for the NBA Finals Championship in the 1960s, I believe five times alone. Three times in the 1980s and twice already in this century, once in the last decade and in 2010 as well, the best of the West, meeting the best of the East, Southwest meeting Northeast. Two big cities in Los Angeles and Boston but culturally very different, its sorta like Little Mexico in Los Angeles's case, vs Little Ireland in Boston's case but with a lot of other peoples. And cultures mixed in both communities, very different communities that really only had one thing in common. They both had a great NBA Franchises that only had one goal every year, to win the NBA Finals and knew the other team was in their way and that they had to play their best. And their hardest to beat the other team, because they knew the other team was great and the best team that they would play that year.

Another reason why the Lakers-Celtics Rivalry was so great, was because of what they were playing each other for. Five times in the 1960s and three times in the 1980s, between 1984-87, 2-3 years from 2008-10, to be the best to be the best basketball team in the World, not to be World Champions. But to be the best team in the best basketball league in the World the NBA. Thats what made the Lakers-Celtics Rivalry so great and why its still great, what's at stake when they play each other.