Life is a Highway

Life is a Highway
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Thursday, 27 December 2012

MLord and God: Did Anti-War & Lifelong Democrat Tom Hayden Send Generation a Huge Message?

Source: MLord & God- Tom Hayden & Jane Fonda-
Source: MLord and God: Did Anti-War Activist & Lifelong Democrat Tom Hayden Send Generation a Huge Message?

The Left, which is a diverse movement of Liberals such as myself who are center-left and more Progressive to Socialist Leftists in America, have been around a long time. And the Progressives emerged in the Progressive Era in the early 20th Century with their economic agenda that eventually became the New Deal in the 1930s. President Truman’s proposed Fair Deal that was to build on the New Deal, that never became law in the 1940s and then of course the Great Society of the 1960s.

Economic Progressives have been vocal and vibrant for really a hundred years now. But Social Liberals really didn’t emerge until the 1960s. They started coming alive in the 1950s when the civil rights movement came of age. But is really the 1960s when the Baby Boom Generation came of age that Social Liberals made their feelings known across the country on issues like civil rights. But we had a real anti-war movement then and a women’s movement, environmental movement as well as the homosexual movement. So homosexuals would be treated equally under law.

There are plenty of things that I like about the 1960s as a Liberal. The Hippie movement to me was really about individual freedom. Young Americans tired of being conformed to having to live one type of life. That Americans in previous generations lived and didn’t fit into the American life that their parents and grandparents. And so-forth lived under and decided to rebel and tell the establishment, “that we are not looking to overthrow you. And we are not dangerous, but we simply want the freedom to live our own lives.”

Thats what the mainstream Hippie movement was. And I like the civil rights movement of course and what came from that. But there was this fringe in the Hippie movement that was almost anarchist if not anarchist. That was not only anti-war and anti-Vietnam was and I would’ve been against the Vietnam War was if I was alive and an adult back then. But the problem I have with the anti-war movement was that it wasn’t just anti-war, but anti military all together. And treating soldiers, sailors, Marines, sailors like they were evil murderers or something which they weren’t, they were all American Patriots instead.

The Left at its best and the mainstream faction of it the Liberals represent the best of what Leftists and leftism have to offer America. This idea of Liberal Democracy, individual freedom and self-determination. A system where all Americans would benefit from and where we would all as a country have the freedom to chart our own course in life. And make out of it what we put into it. But like the Right, we also have a fringe from Socialists when it comes to economic policy and people who are called non-interventionists. Who only use violence to confront people they don’t like when they are doing something they don’t like. Like war to use as an example that give all Leftists a bad name.

Tuesday, 25 December 2012

ABC News: ABC Evening News: March 1972: Campaign News

Howard K. Smith-
One way to sum up the 1972 Democratic presidential primaries, is to say it went to the guy who was damaged the least. And not to the best candidate, because there was really never any real danger to President Nixon losing reelection. But about how big of victory he would get and what he would do with it. The Democratic race for president between Senator’s George McGovern, Ed Muskie, Hubert Humphrey and others, was great TV and very interesting. And a very good look inside of the Democratic Party was between its establishment Center-Left, that Senator Muskie and Senator Humphrey represented and the more social democratic New-Left that Senator McGovern represented in 1972.

The story about the Black Panthers a New-Left social democratic if not communist group interested in the state of the African-American community, was interesting. They were in and outside of the Democratic Party back then and much further left of the NAACP which is more of a progressive Center-Left civil rights organization who are definitely tied to the Democratic Party as their supporters are. The word militant is perfect for the Black Panthers, because that is what they were. And at the very least were linked and associated with known terrorists and criminals. And were accused of being part of terrorists acts in the 1970s. They were looking for a much more radical direction for the African-American community than the NAACP.

Apparently big business’s and other special interests on the Democratic Party and Republican Party was also a big issue in 1972. Of course it was which is why I still don’t know why Congress has never passed a full-disclosure law on all federal candidates and incumbents. Actually I do, because neither Democrats, or Republicans want to disclose who contributes to their campaigns. Because a lot of those contributors are controversial and Democrats and Republicans don’t want to officially be associated with groups like that. But that along with ending gerrymandering completely is the only way you weed out corruption in American politics. Because of how liberal our First Amendment is.

CBC Sports: NHL 1983: Stanley Cup Finals: Long Island Islanders @ Edmonton Oilers: Billy Smith Slashes Wayne Gretzky

Don't mess with guys who where masks and carry sticks

ABC Sports: FBS 1992: Sugar Bowl National Championship: Miami Florida Hurricanes vs Alabama Crimson Tide: First Half: Keith Jackson With The Call

Gene Satllings should've never of left Alabama where he built a superpower

YankeeFanInTenn: Tennessee Volunteers Network: FBS-SEC 1981: Auburn Tigers @ Tennessee Volunteers

Another classic SEC football matchup

Saturday, 22 December 2012

Friday, 21 December 2012

CBS Sports: NBA 1987: Boston Celtics @ Los Angeles Lakers: 2nd Half: Dick Stocton and Tom Heinsohn With The Call

I couldn't watch enough NBA basketball back in the 1980s when the Celtics and Lakers ruled. Great rivalry because it had great teams.

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

MySpace: The New Myspace

Hopefully this will be better then the current MySpace but what wouldn't be

Monday, 17 December 2012

NBC: The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon- The Doors Ed Sullivan Show Performance: Jimmy Fallon As Jim Morrison

Source: The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon-
Source: NBC: The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon- The Doors Ed Sullivan Show Performance: Jimmy Fallon As Jim Morrison

The looks like a parody of Jim Morrison and The Doors performance on the Ed Sullivan Show in 1967. Except The Doors performed Light My Fire and When People Are Strange. They got the leather jacket and shirt right, as well as the boots and the black leather jeans look similar to what Jim Morrison wore for that performance as well.

But what they get wrong here is that performance that The Doors had on Ed Sullivan was one of their best ever. Jim Morrison and the band sounded as great as they ever had. Even if Ed Sullivan and company didn't like his use of the word higher in Light My Fire. It was sill one of his best performances ever. Jimmy Fallon just doesn't look like Jim Morrison. And unless you're simply not a fan of The Doors or even Morrison, I don't understand why someone would think this performance was funny.

There was plenty to make fun of Morrison and his performance here. The fact he goes on life stage on national TV on the biggest network with the biggest audience on the most popular show on the country at the time, with a boner sticking out of his skin-tight leather jeans. Maybe they could have had a cover doing that instead. The Ed Sullivan Show made sure that Morrison's boner was shown on national TV and shown multiple times.

Or they could've made fun of Ed Sullivan and his staff trying to get Morrison to drop the word higher from Light My Fire and made fun of censorship. Instead of Morrison's performance and trying to make him look some drunk singing Reading Rainbow with a 60s blues rock band.

Sunday, 16 December 2012

Saturday, 15 December 2012

NHL Video: NHL 1997: Hartford Whalers Vs. Pittsburgh Penguins, 10/18/96

The Hartford Whalers days numbering by 1996

YankeeFanInTenn: ABC Sports: FBS 1987: Kickoff Classic: Iowa vs Tennessee

Interesting matchup since these schools probably don't play each other much

Friday, 14 December 2012

NHL Video: NHL 1981: Stanley Cup Finals: Minnesota North Stars @ Long Island Islanders

The NHL went from a Canadian dynasty, to an Islanders dynasty, to an Oiler dynasty in the 1970s and 80s

Robby Morrison: The Doors- Five To One- With Lyrics

Source: Robby Morrison-Jim Morrison-
Source: Robby Morrison: The Doors- Five To One- With Lyrics

What I get from The Doors Five To One and remember most of it is there Miami concert in 1969. The Lizard King Jim Morrison, showing up hours late to that concert and drunk. And completely off his game at least as a professional vocalist, looking very wobbly and at one point getting frustrated and starts cursing at the audience. He was so high and drunk on alcohol (as perhaps only a proud Irishman could be, LOL) that he starts trying to start a riot, or at least violence in the concert hall. At least from a musical standpoint the 69 Miami concert was the worst performance that Jim Morrison ever gave. He was pissed off and drunk the whole time and the audience ends up booing him. But of course no one leaves, because they want to see what The Lizard King will do next. Sort of like a performer at a circus and at this point in Morrison's career that is really all he was. People watching him to see what crazy act will come next. Whatever you think of the song Five To One, that is how Jim Morrison goes out before ending up being tried in Miami for indecent exposure and foul language in public.  

Thursday, 13 December 2012

Raiders247Online: NBC Sports: NFL 1984: Los Angeles Raiders @ Miami Dolphins: Dick Enberg and Merlin Olson With The Call

A classic matchup between the 1983 Super Bowl champions vs the 1984 to be AFC champions

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

The Doors: Love Me Two Times

Source: The Doors-Jim Morrison & John Densmore-
Source: The Doors: Love Me Two Times

Love Me Two Times, is a classic blues rock song. John Densmore plays the drums perfectly in this video and song. And the video is great as well and it combines both video and concert footage of The Doors. As well as showing Jim Morrison in the California desert acting out in the video. As well as Jim Morrison and The Doors in concert in London from 1968, as well as in San Jose, California in 1968. I don't know this for a fact, but I believe this song is about Jim Morrison and his relationship with long-term on and off girlfriend Pam Courson. They both loved each other, but to say they had a rocky relationship would be like saying there's a chance of getting wet when you jump in the ocean. You would end up breaking some world record for stating the obvious with a comment like that. Love Me Two Times suggest that there may be something wrong with a relationship and the love is being questioned by at least one member of that relationship. But that might just be me saying this, but this is an excellent blues song with a great beat. 

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

NBC Sports: NFL 1987: Week 12 Halftime Report with Bob Costas, Paul Maguire, Ahmad Rashad

Plenty of great old footage of the original NFL Today, would like to see more footage of the old NFL Live show as well.

Detroit Tigers TV: MLB 1990: Detroit Tigers @ Cleveland Indians: Cecil Fielder Overpowers Indians Pitching

Cecil Fielder was a devastating power hitter for about 4-5 years

Friday, 7 December 2012

The Doors Experience: People are Strange- Live and In Concert

Source: The Doors Experience- As Jim Morrison & The Doors-
Source: The Doors Experience: A Retrospective

People Are Strange, that could really sum up Jim Morrison and The Doors. Jim Morrison the vocalist, who for at least a 2-3 year period was almost always seen in public in his famous and stylish black leather suit. The man looked like a leather rock god in that leather suit. The black leather jacket, the lambskin and sometimes snakeskin skin-tight black leather jeans that would be called skinny leathers today as far as pants. And of course black and sometimes brown cowboy boots. And his silver concho western belt. He wore his skin-tight leathers and concho to accentuate his crotch (and this is a direct quote) and sometimes brought too much attention because his leather jeans were so tight and he always had his shirt tucked in to his leathers so you that plus his belt sticking out and wore a short leather jacket so again women especially could check out his midsection and rear.

Expect for perhaps the concho belt which is really more a of a western cowboy and straight women look that women like to wear with their denim jeans and look western, Morrison leather suit and boots today would be very rock and roll. But back in the late 1960s that look on anyone man or woman would look strange. But Jim Morrison being The Lizard King pulled it off. To the point that his fans perhaps especially female wanted to his him in that outfit and especially performing in that outfit.

But Morrison just didn't perform in his leather suit. Most of his public appearances he was in his leather suit with concho and cowboy boots. As well as when he was out casually and seen in public. He did his interviews and traveled in that outfit. A big part of being The Lizard King for Jim Morrison was being a leather clad rock god. That seemed strange back then but is very mainstream in rock and roll today and has been for about thirty-five years now.

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

ABC Sports: FBS 1986: Alabama vs Notre Dame: Music Video

Notre Dame wasn't very good in 1986 under Lou Holtz but that didn't last very long

NBC Sports: NFL 1982: AFC First Round Playoff Intro: New England Patriots @ Miami Dolphins: Bob and Bob With The Call

1982 was a great season for the Dolphins-Patriots rivalry

NHL Video: NHL 1996: Hartford Whalers vs. Long Island Islanders

Here's what could've been a great rivalry, that could've helped saved the Hartford Whalers

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Monday, 3 December 2012

NGC: Breakout: Prison Romance

I saw this program I believe in the summer of 2010 and what I got out of this was this women, who was. Very attractive but must of been so lonely and desperate that she would be open to do anything. As long as she found a man that were keep her company and be able to share their lives together and she found that man. Who she thought was that guy in prison who was looking for someone to play, to help him do what he wanted to do. Which was to get out of prison and continue with his criminal career.

Sunday, 2 December 2012

NFL Films: ESPN: Super Bowl 3 Highlights: Baltimore Colts vs New York Jets

This is perhaps my favorite time of year, its either the holiday season or the start of summer which. For Marylanders is late May, because I love football history, pro football and otherwise and I have a lot. Of these games at least the highlights of them in my DVD library and out of all the games in Baltimore pro football history. Whether its the Colts, Stars, Stallions or Ravens which I put all into one history, its this game right here. We'll never know this for a fact but lets say Colts QB John Unitas, who I and a lot of others believe is the great QB of all time. Including my father, is healthy for this game, the Colts beat the Jets by the amount that they were favored to. They probably either cover the seventeen point spread or come close to it, this wouldn't of been the biggest blowout. In Super Bowl history, the Jets did have a very good if not great team in 1968, I'm not taking anything away from them. But just look at the game, look at those two touchdown passes that Colts QB Earl Morral missed, one of them went for an incompletion. The other fell short for an INT, Morrall misses a wide open Jimmy Orr in the end zone for a td pass early in the game.

The Jets in the first half came up with a couple of scores to take control of the game but then played. A bend but don't break defense, where they should've broke for at least two touchdowns, one of them. Again falling for an incompletion that led to chip chop missed field goal and the other falling short because. Earl Morrall didn't put enough air under the ball and falls short for an INT, two passes that John Unitas would've hit for touchdown passes. The Jets played very well but they also got some big breaks, like not having to face the best QB in pro football. Until the second half when he wasn't at full strength and the Colts simply not playing well as they. Should've and leaving two touchdowns on the field, as well as another touchdown in the second half.

Saturday, 1 December 2012

Thursday, 29 November 2012

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Mariah Carey Vevo: Mariah Carey- All I Want For Christmas is You

Source: Mariah Carey Vevo-
Source: Mariah Carey Vevo: Mariah Carey- All I Want For Christmas is You

Nobody sings this song better or as well, she actually makes it worth listening to. I've always thought Christmas music was pretty boring before Mariah Carey and saw it as a way to bring the 1950s back to life and return to the world of Leave it To Beaver or Father Knows Best, or whatever show from that era that wan't to use. But Mariah Carey with her incredibly sweet voice and overwhelming adorable presence and her R&B sound, makes Christmas music fun and worth listening to.

She's someone who can make ordinary material sound interesting and great material sound incredible. Because of her delivery, the fact that she writes her own music and produces her own music, there's this strong feeling of realness and genuineness with her that you don't get from other performers and perhaps a lot of other performers. All I Want For Christmas, is a great Christmas song which might not sound like much talking about holiday music. But coming from Mariah it sounds like great music because it actually is.

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

GridIronByCinema88: NBC Sports: NFL 1978: Oakland Raiders @ Green Bay Packers

If Bart Starr wasn't Bart Starr, the Packer would've fired him a long time pre 1978.

Monday, 26 November 2012

Eleanor Fan: ABC 20/20- Pierre Salinger's Interview With Princess Grace Kelly

Source: Eleanor Fan- The Amazing Princess Grace Kelly-
Source: Eleanor Fan: ABC 20/20- Pierre Salinger's Interview With Princess Grace Kelly

Princess Baby Face of Monaco was my first reaction to this video. Because that is the first that I saw and you add that incredible smile that Grace always had and that just adds to that. She doesn’t look like she aged much since her Hollywood star years of the 1950s. And if there’s one women who you would think looks like a European princess, it just might be Grace Kelly. The thing being that Europe is such a diverse place ethnically and Grace looks more like an Anglo princess, being of Irish descent, than a Mediterranean princess. Sophia Loren would be the Mediterranean princes, at least in my opinion. But Grace always did have the look and class of royalty from her time growing up Philadelphia, even though you would never guess Philadelphia by the way she talked, all the way up to being Princess of Monaco.

FootballVideoNetwork: FBS-SEC 1973: Florida vs. Georgia

The best border war in college football, at least in the South

FootballVideoNetwork: FBS-SEC 1973 : Florida vs. Auburn

Here's a very good SEC football rivalry

Sunday, 25 November 2012

The Doors Absolute Live: The Doors Full Concert Live in London, 1968

Source: The Doors Absolute Live-
Source: The Doors Absolute Live: The Doors Full Concert Live in London, 1968

If only The Doors were big even in the early 1970s, but certainly the mid and late 1970s, we would really see how great of a band that they were and how great of a performer Jim Morrison was. But they were big in the late 1960s, but color TV and film was even important and and had a big presence then. But that is a different story of why so much footage of The Doors was in black and white. Even though color TV and film, was prevalent in the late 1960s and how a lot of Americans were able to see their TV and films, if they just had a color TV. Because the music in this concert and show, was very good, but the footage is somewhat blurry. And sort of looks like a card game in a card room with all the players smoking cigars making the footage somewhat smokey. If a colorized version of this concert ever became available like movies from the 1950s and 40s were colorized, I would be one of the first people to buy The Doors Live in London in concert, or record it on demand. Because this is a really good show from them.

Saturday, 24 November 2012

BreakingNews: Larry Hagman Dead at 81: I Dream of Genie Actor, J.R. Ewing Character

Even though Larry Hagman's career was more then Major Tony Nelson on I Dream of Jeanie and JR Ewing on Dallas. He did other TV and some movies, including playing a late entry Presidential candidate in the movie Primary Colors from 1998. When I think of Larry Hagman, I think of the clever and witty, I apologize for my language, prick who could make people laugh. While being a prick, including the people he was being prickish to, the JR Ewing character had this incredible. Ability to size up people he was dealing with and know exactly where they were most vulnerable and where. To hit them if he felt the need to do so, which is I guess is a great characteristic to have in business where JR Ewing. Was a very successful Dallas oilman, he could be a prick and make you laugh at the same time, because when he was critiquing someone. A lot of times he was accurate and not pulling things out of hot air or making things up but simply speaking the truth about. Who he was talking about, which is a great skill for anyone to have, to be able to size people up.

Celia Munoz: The Doors Live at The Hollywood Bowl, 1968- Spanish Caravan

Source: Celia Munoz-Jim Morrison-
Source: Celia Munoz: The Doors Live at The Hollywood Bowl, 1968- Spanish Caravan

Spanish Caravan is not one of my favorite songs, even from The Doors. But their 1968 performance at the Hollywood Bowl, is very memorable. And part of that being that Jim Morrison was little off his game and acting somewhat distracted. Perhaps because his girlfriend Pam Courson shows up at the concert with Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger, but you would have to ask them that. Morrison's voice and delivery was somewhat off, but he was still The Lizard King in this performance. Showing up in his favorite skin-tight brown leather jeans and concho belt and starting off the concert with an Indian vest. Rare you see The Lizard King in his brown leather jeans for a concert performance, a 90 minute performance in color. He generally wore his black leathers when performing in color. If you watch the PBS film When You're Strange about Jim Morrison, the narrator Johnny Depp, was talking about Morrison's wardrobe. And said that he put together his own wardrobe. Including the leather jeans and said that Morrison wore the the leathers and concho belt, to accentuate his crotch. You watch this concert and you'll see what that is exactly about with all the closeups upfront of The Lizard King. 

Friday, 23 November 2012

The Doors: No One Gets Out Here Alive- Gloria

Source: The Doors-
Source: The Doors: No One Gets Out Here Alive- Gloria

No One Gets Out Here Alive, is biography of Jim Morrison and his involvement with the blues rock band The Doors in the late 1960s. I would argue at least the best rock band (except for perhaps Aerosmith) from the generation. People who came of age in the 1960s looking for a new life from which they had grew up in and also which their parents and grandparents grew up in. And Jim Morrison who was as anti-establishment as any vocalist and musician at least from Baby Boom Generation, was the vocalist and leader of The Doors. He was their star and The Doors were only as good and great as Jim Morrison was. The Lizard King was so good that he could be great on stage drunk, or sober. He could also be awful when he was drunk and just plain rude and obnoxious to the point where he was arrested onstage for foul language in 1967 in New Haven, but he could also give great performances while he was drunk. Like in London, Copenhagen and several other venues. And had he not have died early in 1970 and got his life on track and became more responsible, would probably still be performing today at the age of 73. 

Thursday, 22 November 2012

BBallFanSite: ESPN: Looking Back: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar NBA Career: The Big Man Who Stands Out Higher Then The Rest

On this Thanksgiving day and I want to wish anyone out there who may see this a wonderfully happy Thanksgiving. But on this Thanksgiving day, I want to give thanks to Karrem Abdul-Jabbar, who I'm thankful to of seen the last six years of his career. Some people might say, the last six years, well Kareem was in his his late thirties at that point and no longer as dominant. The key words being not as dominant, because at that point of his career, he was still the captain of the. Los Angeles Lakers, he was still their go to player and go to scorer, who still managed their defense. Who the Lakers looked to for the big score, big block or big rebound, big outlet pass, who was still. The best low post scorer and best passing big man in the game, because even though he wasn't as dominant. He was still dominant, there's this question of who was the best center in basketball in the mid and late 1980s. Was it Kareem or was it Moses Malone or perhaps Patrick Ewing, during the regular season by the late 1980s. You could make a case for Moses and Pat but when the game was on the line, especially in the playoffs. If you didn't have Kareem, you came up short.

I'm not going to make my full case for why Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is the greatest center of all time in this blog. Other then to say he's the one player that stands out amongst the rest and not just because he's the tallest. Of the greatest group of big man the NBA has ever produced in the 1970s and 80s, I could end it right there but here's something else to think. No other center in this period and I would argue all time as well, was more complete, both offensively. Or defensively then Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, you try to double or triple team him on defense, he would shoot over you. Or hook you with the sky hook, very difficult player because of his size, intelligence and vision to double or triple team. Or he would give the open teammate like a Mike Cooper or Byron Scott, and open layup or outside shot. Because he always knew who was open and who had the best shot of scoring, whether it was him or someone else.

Kareem loved to score, especially that shot he made against the Boston Celtics in game 6 of the 1985 NBA Finals. That clinched the championship for the Lakers but Kareem loved to win more, thats why he played twenty years. And why he worked so hard to be able to play so long, to win as many games and championships as possible. He was about team and winning first and last and everything else in between and maximize all of his skills to accomplish that. Which is why he stands out amongst every other big man whose ever played basketball.

FootballVideoNetwork: FBS-SEC 1968: Tennessee vs. Alabama

If you are a fan of scoring, you are not going to like this game very much

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

CBS: Early Show- Anthony Mason Interviewing Patti Smith on Jim Morrison

Source: CBS-Anthony Mason & Patti Smith-
Source: CBS: Early Show- Anthony Mason Interviewing Patti Smith on Jim Morrison

I'm guessing Jim Morrison inspired a lot of fellow baby boomers. Patti Smith saying that Jim Morrison was a great poet, I don't know about that not being a poetry fan, or someone who knows much if anything about poetry other than words in poems tend to rhyme. But I do believe The Lizard King was a great writer and a great performer. Roadhouse Blues, I believe is The Doors best song and I believe would give Eric Clapton a run for his money when it comes to blues and blues rock. The Doors were not a hippie band, but a 1960s baby boomer (except for Ray Manzarek, born in 1939) blues rock rock and roll band. And Jim Morrison was their star and leader and without him and you replace The Lizard King with a solid vocalist and entertainer, you still have a very good rock band. But they would be like Aerosmith without either Steven Tyler and Joe Perry. Very solid, but unless the replacements were also great, nothing really exceptional about the band. Morrison was the franchise player for The Doors. 

GridIron By Cinema-ABC Sports: NFL 1976-MNF-Cincinnati Bengals @ Oakland Raiders

The Raiders wanted to beat the Bengals in 1976 on MNF to play the Steelers in the AFC Playoffs

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Raiders247Online: ABC Sports: NFL 1975: MNF: Raiders @ Dolphins

Howard Cosell at his best and the rematch of the 1974 Sea of Hands Game

NBC Sports: NFL 1973: AFC Championship Intro: Oakland Raiders @ Miami Dolphins

Awesome 1970s theme music, perhaps as good as ABC's MNF

Monday, 19 November 2012

FootballVideoNetwork: FBS 1966: Florida vs. Tallahassee

The first or second best college football rivalry in Florida

Sunday, 18 November 2012

NBC Sports: NFL 1985: NFL on NBC: AFC Final: New England Patriots @ Miami Dolphins

The Patriots simply had a better all around team then the Dolphins in 1985

CmoreBmoreRavens: NBC Sports: SNF: Ravens @ Steelers: Another Jacoby Jones Return for a Touchdown

The play of the game so far

Wet Leather Biker: Erbo Rocker Leather Jeans

Source: Wet Leather Biker-
Source: Wet Leather Biker: Erbo Rocker Leather Jeans

Rocker leather jeans? They look more like cowboy leather jeans that cowboys and other westerners wear, including cowgirls when they're are their horses, ranches, and involved in other western activities.

With the chain wallet that the man is wearing in the photo and video, those are very common with biker men and to some extent biker women. Who wear chain wallets both with their leather and denim jeans and they're out on their bikes. For obvious reasons and style is one of them, but to protect their wallets when they're on the road, as well as around other bikers and people involved in biker culture.

Leather jeans of course are very common in rock and roll culture. People in that community can thank Jim Morrison from The Doors for that. But leather jeans, leather jackets, leather boots, and other leather clothing, have been a big part of rock culture at least since the early 1980s with the heavy metal wave, if not the late 1970s. Jim Morrison from the late 1960s was really the first famous rocker to wear a leather suit that included black leather jeans, black leather jacket and black cowboy boots.